Vehicle, Billboards & Building Signage

Your vehicle can act as a mobile billboard and may be one of the cheapest, most enduring forms of advertising you ever do.

For those that don’t have physical premises, vehicle signage is especially important for brand exposure. The signage has to be bold enough to stand out and simple enough that your brand and contact info is clear, even when you are driving.

That’s also important when you are considering design of your billboard or building signage. Although the advertising is static, the majority of your audience will be in transit when they view it.

When it comes to signage, bigger really is better, keeping in mind there may be legal limitations on size dependant on your location.

Whatever form of signage you are planning, you need to ensure that it is consistent with your brand treatment and fits with your overall marketing. We can superimpose signage onto a photo of your vehicle, billboard location or premises so that you are clear on how the finished product will look. We can manage the signwriting / installation process or provide you with the visuals so that you are comparing ‘apple with apples’ when you source quotes.

Click on the images below for examples of signage. Click here to enquire about signage.