There’s a world of difference between sponsorship and donations and ideally every business contributes to some of each.

For most us, the requests to support worthy significantly outweigh the available budget so it’s important to really consider each opportunity.

Good sponsorship proposals offer a tangible return in terms of exposure and the opportunity to ‘speak’ to that organisation’s members and supporters. Sponsorship should be relevant, have strong appeal to your firm’s target market and be a good fit with your brand.

Mad Ideas has extensive experience in preparing powerful sponsorship proposals that attract and retain corporate sponsors. We can also assist with fundraising ideas and event management to help you achieve a specific goal.

We also work with companies to evaluate current sponsorship agreements to ensure that they deliver a good return on investment. We know it’s hard to say no, especially to staff, friends and clients who are passionate about their club or organisation, so directing all sponsorship enquires via Mad Ideas provides an impartial forum and delivers the best bang for your sponsorship buck.

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