Radio Advertising

These days few of us have the luxury of doing just one thing at a time. Radio speaks to your audience while they are on the move.

There’s a reason radio advertising is known as ‘theatre of the mind’. A well targeted, cleverly produced ad can transport the listener to a situation that’s completely removed from their current reality. It will capture their attention, entertain or enlighten and inspire them to act.

Radio works best when you know who you want to reach and you use the right stations, at the right times, with the right message to reach your target audience. It’s especially effective when linked to your online activity and can create measureable results beyond sales figures.

Mad Ideas will provide independent advice on the best stations and times to reach your audience and write you an effective advert with a clear call to action that integrates with your other marketing activity. Click here to enquire about radio advertising.

To hear the radio ads below click Play. If the advert does not play immediately then your computer settings are probably configured so that a small grey box will appear at the bottom left of your screen. Click on the box and the advert should play.

Xmas Heirloom Company - Jingle Play Modern Bags - Jingle Play
Bendon - I want Play Forum North - Jingle Play
Aura - Party Naked 1 Play Bay Hiab Jingle Play
Aura - Party Naked 2 Play Metalcraft Industries - Raining Cats & Dogs Play
Aura - Brazillian Wax Play Top Energy - Live One Play
Alandale Retirement Village - Nana's Practising Her Swimming Play Top Energy - Women & Poles Play
Paihia Paintball - 3 Courses Play Legends Sports Bar - Breasts Play
Paihia Paintball - Smackings out Play Parkinson & Bowskill - Spit On Headstone Play
Hammer Auctions - So Cheap Play Lamb & Hayward Funeral Directors - Race Pages Play