A strong image can often create a desire for your product faster than anything you can say.

Quality photography and videos are immensely powerful selling tools and can have a major impact on the success of your advertising and communications.

Mad Ideas can help your organisation to create a library of shots that can used for press releases, PR, social media, websites, newsletters, billboards and other promotional activity. We can provide pack shots, head shots, product shots, vista shots or photos of your team in action. We can also provide coverage of your expo, product launch, conference or function using a combination of standard photography, aerial photography and video.

Sometimes due to time, location or budget constraints it’s not practical to have a professional photographer covering the action, or maybe you want your own staff to handle your social media, but you still need quality images. When you boil it all down photography is storytelling with pictures. We can teach your staff in the basics of visual storytelling, planning their shot list and producing good quality images. We can run a one off workshop or critique their work and coach them on an ongoing basis.

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