Events & Onsite Promotions

Perhaps it’s our name that inspires a sense of adventure but we’ve handled some absolutely MAD projects.

There’s a lot involved in conceiving, planning and executing a successful event. The activity needs to be relevant to your target audience, timed so that they can be there and affordable to run (and also to attend if there is an entry fee).

Attracting a large crowd and managing them once they arrive also takes a lot of planning and frequently requires traffic control, health a health and safety plan and security. If you’re selling liquor you’re also going to need the appropriate consents and a liquor license.

Mad Ideas has the skills and experience to help you plan and event manage your seminar, open day, expo, product launch or whatever else you dream up.

We'll ensure that it runs smoothly and profitably and we can also help with PR and attracting media interest.

Some of our more memorable projects include:

  • Creation of an online marketing and press campaign selling the right to detonate the explosion that scuttled the frigate HMNZS Canterbury
  • Arranging sponsorship of the Dargaville Gutbuster Trolley Derby
  • Organising the inaugural Certified Builders Boxing Match
  • Organising a Community Christmas Concert
  • Organise the Pear Tree Easter Carnival at the Stone Store Basin
  • Creation of Corporate Performance Award Schemes
  • Hosting a soiree to raise funds for Coastguard

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